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About Us

Inspired by the bright neon lights, the irresistible smell of grilling pork belly, the soothing sounds of a crowded dining room, the crisp sensation of chasing a shot of soju with an ice cold beer, and the unforgettable laughs that accompanied every night out in Seoul, Saucy Asian™ was the dream of a man that wanted to share his culture with the world!

While living in Seoul completing a graduate degree in international business, the owner Andrew Shinn had the dream of packaging up his experience that touched on all the human senses. You’ll notice this as soon as you step into a Saucy Asian™ see the sights and sounds that embody the Seoul experience. So as you take a bite of our spicy pork bibimbap or Cali burrito with bulgogi beef, while downing an ice cold soju slush, we hope you experience your own version of Seoul! Enjoy your trip!


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